Bank Uploads

Bank Uploads

Online Accounting Feature

Save your time by effortlessly uploading bank statements, allocating transactions and reconciling your bank account. Everything online, from anywhere in the world!

Don’t waste your time

We support electronic bank statements from most South African banks in CSV format, we can even load transactions from PDF statements. Saves you from having to manually capture transactions.

Reconcile in a flash

Reconcile your bank statement with the transactions on BluuBin in a couple of clicks. Instantly see if your accounts balance, if not, we will even help you out by finding where transactions might be missing.

Up to date information

Loading transactions is so easy, there is no need to wait for month end. You can load your bank statement as often as you want, ensuring up to date information.

Easily access history

Viewing an old bank statement, is a couple of clicks away. See all your transactions, allocations and even slips and invoices from a single report, ordered line by line, just like your original bank statement.

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