Our Processing

Bank Imports

We support electronic bank statements from most South African banks, we can even load transactions from PDF files. If you keep your money offshore, we are always on hand to add new formats!

Automatic allocations

Save yourself some hassle by creating allocation rules. BluuBin will automatically allocate recurring items, such as rent, every time you upload a bank statement.

Bank reconciliations

Each time you upload a bank statement, we perform an automatic reconciliation, preventing duplicate transactions.

Manage Your Debtors


Easily create and email quotations from anywhere. Make changes to existing quotations in a couple of clicks. Convert a quotation to an invoice with a single click when you close the deal!


Our flexible invoicing module allows you to invoice against stock or service items, specific projects or even directly to your income statement. Notify your clients by email or/and SMS as soon as their invoice is ready!

Recurring Invoices

Invoicing the same amount each month? Set up a recurring invoice and never again do repetitive tasks! You schedule the invoice at intervals and we’ll handle the rest.

Age analysis

Quickly see who owes you money and for how long. Ageing customer (and supplier) accounts helps you to better manage your business cash flow.

Manage Your Expenses

Manage slips and bills

Never again loose a slip. Scan and upload slips into BluuBin and attach them to transactions. You can later view the slip by clicking on the transaction!

In-depth reporting

Never miss a payment or outstanding amount. We have a report to cover every query you might have concerning your expenses.

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