Payroll Feature

We make sure that you comply with SARS requirements and labour legislation. With our automated checks and features labour compliance is a simple given.

Comply with legislation

We tirelessly review and analyse legislative requirements as they are published and update changes to our payroll software. This means your payroll will always comply and pass any audit.

Automatic employment tax incentive calculations

Once you flag an employee as a qualifying candidate for ETI, we take care of the rest. We will automatically calculate the allowable deductions and make sure that you do not exceed the allowed ETI period.

Export UIF files for the Department of Labour

We export a CSV file for the Department of Labour, which you can upload to their online portal. Just another time saving feature.

Effortless e@syFile Integration

Export your payroll information to a fully compatible e@syFile document with a single click. No manual input required, Effortless!

Reference material

Ever wonder about payroll legislation? Or perhaps you are just feeling bored? We have a dedicated section where we keep the latest info from SARS and the Department of Labour, for you to read up on.

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