Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

An unlimited number of users can access one BluuBin profile.
No, packages are created to suite your specific needs from a small home business to a national firm. You will need to select the package that's the closest match to your requirements.
*Lite packages are aimed at the micro-enterprise or home user and have limited functionality.
Short answer, via email, SMS or FAX. We can even print out and deliver confidential payslips to your employees.
*We sponsor email message by means of a small advertisement, which means that you will always be able to email for FREE. SMS, FAX or printed documents carry a small convenience fee.
No, our awesome support is included in your monthly subscription and is available to you via email, telephone or our ticketing system. We value support and you will always get a reply as soon as possible.
Yes, we do. But as part of trying to make things ever easier for our customers we have added short and informative videos on most pages. They are located in the top right of most of our payroll and accounting pages. For training options please contact


No, unfortunately this is almost the only limitation. Luckily all internet service providers are not off-line simultaneously, so you can revert to either mobile or ADSL connectivity, depending on which one is your failover.
No, you don't – all you need is an internet browser and internet connectivity. System updates are done automatically.
Practically anything, but we regularly test our software on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
Yes, we allow for third party integration through our web services API. A detailed technical document is available on request.
*Lite packages cannot integrate to third-party software.
Yes, because we are proudly South African and we have a team of skilled developers it is possible for us to write and add additional software. We are always keen to add new modules that our clients can benefit from. So, if you have any suggestions please feel free to email us at


Yes, you can import all your customer & supplier standing data by means of an Excel template.
Yes, you can upload any type of document into your BluuBin profile and link it to a transaction. We provide you with unlimited disk space to do this.
Yes, most of the reports can be exported to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.
It is quite simple. You can contact our support team and they will take you through the process of assigning more space to your company.


Yes, you can import data by means of an Excel template.
Yes, we provide a special template for you to use.
Yes, we have an export file you can use on the Department of Labour portal.
If you feel like missing out on our great accounting package, you can export payroll journals to your accounting software.
No, unfortunately because of safety reasons this is not possible. But, we have made it possible to export a bank payment file which you can simply import into your online banking and this will make the payment automatically for you without having to pay each employee individually.
Yes, we provide a special template for you to use.

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